I paint what appeals to me.  Could be, depending on my mood that day, a realistic image or an impressionist image of flowers, birds or abstract images.  I use a number of different mediums including canvas, raw silk, art journals, advertising brochures, wrapping paper or sometimes recycled cardboard with regular, metallic and iridescent acrylics, water colours, alcohol inks, pigment powders, Indian and Calligraphy ink or Sharpie markers.  

I am self-taught but have, over the years, taken a few classes ..... water colour, pottery and ceramics, hand painting on silk, attended design colour theory courses and in-class floral acrylic lessons. 

I show my work in my home art studio in King City ("by chance or by appointment") and at local (and juried) art shows, town festivals, restaurants and shops.

I also take commissioned projects.  

I have had the pleasure of clients purchasing more than one of my pieces to hang in their homes, on a number of occasions and that makes me very happy!   

Thanks very much for your interest in my work .. that also makes me very happy!