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"Ohhhh I am just loving watching your beautiful art unfold in your art journal.  So dang good!!! XO" - Fonda Clark Haight , Artist (NC)

"I am loving your journal pages, Lynn!  There is such pure energy, beauty and freedom dancing within them.  At least that's how it feels when I look at them.  It makes me want to stare into them for a long time so I can keep feeling all that good stuff they evoke.  Tremendous work!"

-Lily Rain Davis,  Artist (Rhode Island)

"Beautiful piece here Lynn!!! So powerful!" -Fonda Clark Haight, Artist (NC)

"Loving these journal entries Lynn.  They feel so full of life!!!!!" -Sandy Coombs, Artist (Arizona)

"Lynn, your style is warm, flowing, organic, natural inspired, welcoming and cozy feeling like a big hug from a good friend"  -Becky Roesler, Artist (Texas) 

"You are extraordinary!   You make great art!" -Reed Forrest, Salt Spring Island, BC